Danieli Automation
QVID SPOOL is dedicated to measuring the angle of the material at the exit of the spooler system with a frequency of 100 frames per second, and to feeding the automation control with the indication of the angle to fine tuning the distributor course to optimally displace the rolled wires.

The Q-VID SPOOL has an innovative (and patent pending) layout with one camera and two parallel lasers lines; this sensor is positioned on the top of the spooler mandrel and orthogonal to the distributor operating plane, in order to allow a wide and unbiased view of the final part of spooling process. Multiple sensor heads can work together to manage multiple production lines effectively. The improvements in wire deployment are immediate and tangible: kept at a constant volume, a 32-layer coil has fewer defects and is much more compact and approximately 150 kilos heavier, which translates in better packaging, shipping and storage.