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The code of Ethics

This Code of Ethics, adopted by the Board of Directors of Danieli & C. Officine Meccaniche SpA, Parent Company of the Danieli Group on 10 March 2022, is a single, uniform document for the entire Group. It will be submitted to the Companies of the Group for approval by the respective managing bodies (board of directors, where appointed, or equivalent managing bodies).

Organizational, Management & Control Model

Danieli Automation Spa, for the purpose of strengthening all of the corporate control and governance tools it has already adopted, in order to safeguard the Company and the Shareholders, has decided to implement the provision of Legislative Decree n. 231 of 2001, by adopting its own Organizational, Management and Control Model, as per decision of the Board of Directors

Ethics and Integrity Line

Danieli has adopted an Ethics and Integrity Line, a whistleblowing platform that allows anyone to report, anonymously or otherwise, conduct that is in conflict with the law, the Code of Ethics or with the Danieli Group’s internal regulations.
The Ethics and Integrity Line is a secure, reliable communication channel that protects the confidentiality of the whistleblower and the information he or she reports.
It can be used by employees or former employees of the Group, members of company boards as well as third parties such as candidates, customers, suppliers, consultants, trade partners, shareholders, etc.

Information can also be marked strictly confidential and mailed to the:
Whistleblowing Committee – for the attention of the President of the Whistleblowing Committee – at Danieli & C. Officine Meccaniche S.p.A. – Legal Department, Via Nazionale, 41 – 33042 – Buttrio (UD) – Italy.

Please consult the following documents for further details:

Anticorruption Policy

We, in Danieli, are aware of the consequences of bribery and corruption have in the global marketplace. For this reason, Danieli Group has adopted an Anticorruption Policy which defines a system of principles, values and safeguards intended to provide guidelines and disseminate the Danieli Group’s anti-corruption culture.