Danieli Automation
Q-ROBOT is the result of the most advanced alliance between industrial robotics and process automation. A set of solutions for each production area allow the introduction of flexible automation in dangerous places where human intervention is still necessary to finalize the production.

Multi-purpose robotic cell for ladle area in casting floor Based on "zero operators" concept, a multifunctional robotic solution that performs, with a single manipulator, up to four different actions in ladle area: ladle nozzle identification and oxygen opening; shroud manipulation; tundish powder management; tundish temperature sampling and chemical analysis.

MOULD - Robotic system for powder management in casting process
This system guarantees a thin and uniform powder thickness over the whole casting process. Q-Robot CAST MOULD can operate with up to four different hoppers used for different casting powders, also for the same casting sequence.

AG – Robotic station for billets labelling on the cooling plate
Q-Robot CAST TAG system is based on a 6-axis robot with artificial vision for label application. Q-Robot CAST TAG uses a thermal transfer system to print the label, resistant up to 850 C° and welds the printed label on top of the billet.

MARK – Robot for paint jet marking of billets or slabs
Q-Robot CAST MARK is made up of a marking head, a 6-axis robot for moving the printing head and an OCR reading station for checking the readability of the marking and the consistency of the data written with the information coming from the tracking.

DEBURR – Automatic in-line deburring and chamfering of billets an slabs
A stand-alone robotic cell proposed with different designs that can operate ranging from a billet contour machining to a heavy slabs grinding, where a re-shape of the slab corners is required. Q-Robot CAST DEBURR significantly reduces issues due to presence of burrs or corner defects in billets, blooms or slabs.