Danieli Automation
HiPROFILE is a family of laser based measurement instruments providing non-contact on-line profile shape inspection and dimension measurement for either hot or cold rolled products. From simple rounds, squares and flats through angles, beams, channels up to sheet pile and other special profiles, HiPROFILE provides the optimum solution to improve production performance and quality.

The HiPROFILE system is based on laser-sectioning optical measurement techniques and image processing algorithms. Geometries, components and design solution of the laser-sectioning heads and of the whole system are optimized to fulfil the requirements of hot steel detection and measurement. HiPROFILE family is composed by several gauges, with different measurement head number, sizes and arrangement in order to cover the product mix of different rolling mills. All the installed heads are synchronized to acquire, at high sampling rate, the contour of an extremely thin slice of the hot-rolled bar. This feature guarantees for a superior blur-free behaviour in presence of the vibrations and transversal bar movements typical of the hot rolling process.

The design of the system is focused to face all the side effects that the measuring of a 1000°C-steel bar involves. Heat managing is obtained by mean of water jackets and water to-air thermal stabilization concepts, both integrated into the gauge main frame. Disturbances due to infrared radiation that comes with the bar are avoided by a specific optical design, to obtain minimum-noise measures.