Danieli Automation


2020, 31st July

New slab grinder plant operating at Posco Pohang, Korea

CastGrind technology and updated automation platform improve stainless steel slab surface treatment

Danieli Centro Maskin commissioned the new HGS300 slab-grinding unit at the STS1 Plant. Equipped with a 250-kW motor on the main unit, the new grinder works on 140- to 220-mm thick stainless steel slabs, up to 1.65 m wide and 10.5m long, to ensure an output of approximately 200,000 tpy in full skin-grinding mode at an average removal depth of 2 mm per slab face.

The plant is equipped with CastGrind technology to process material with surface temperature up to 700°C, as well as Hi-Grind, the E-Cube set-up for stepless-angle grinding from 45 to 90 degrees.

An updated automation platform was developed by Danieli Automation.

This is an important milestone in the collaboration between Danieli Centro Maskin and Posco, which started in 1979 and developed through various conditioning applications for long and flat products, and for stainless steel as well as for low- and medium-carbon grades.

To date, Danieli Cento Maskin has put a total of 30 grinders into operation with Posco, 18 of which for slab grinding.

New slab grinder plant operating at Posco Pohang, Korea