Danieli Automation


2020, 16th June

New HiPROFILE installation at ArcelorMittal Sul Fluminense plant, Brazil

Danieli Automation HiPROFILE: the essential technology for dynamic, in-line inspection for bars and medium sections

New HiPROFILE installation at ArcelorMittal Sul Fluminense plant, Brazil

An 4-laser heads HiPROFILE PR84200 gauge, performing accurate profile measurement of large beams and channels up to 155 mm, was recently installed and commissioned at Arcelor Mittal Sul Fluminense plant, Barra Mansa, Brazil. HiPROFILE allows the complete in-line dimensional control and surface defect inspection of bars and sections during rolling.

Last difficulties due to pandemic emergency did not slow down the start-up of new HiPROFILE. Communication and full cold tests have been executed in just 8h stoppage using technicians from DANIELI do Brazil. Just the limited presence of a specialist has been enough to complete the tuning of the system and to achieve the Final Acceptance Certificate.

The system, featuring ultra-high-speed laser heads capable of acquiring several hundred profiles per second, allows real-time 3D representation of the bars, accurate dimensional control, and integrated surface defect detection during rolling.
The benefits from the installation of this device are evident by the quality of the products produced. HiPROFILE is considered an essential tool by the most qualified long product producers.

Since 1992, Danieli Automation has pioneered the laser profile gauge technology and recorded more than 130 HiPROFILE installations worldwide.