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2024, 15th February

Gerdau selects Danieli Corus for blast furnace modernization

It will feature a newly developed hearth design for 15+ year lifetime

Brazilian steelmaker Gerdau and Danieli Corus have signed contracts for two modernization projects for blast furnace #1 at the Ouro Branco integrated steel plant, in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

The modernization projects will include a new furnace hearth, tuyere ring and bosh area, as well as casthouse runners cooling system.

Using the input from earlier assessments and modeling of hearth erosion, a new hearth design based on large carbon blocks has been developed by Danieli Corus. The objective of this new design is to achieve a lifetime in excess of 15 years. The casthouse runners will be engineered to overcome thermal issues, improve accessibility between the main runner and taphole, and reduce the complexity of the back-up layers of the existing runners.

In recent years, Gerdau and Daniel Corus have developed an excellent relationship through the successful execution of consultancy, as well as modernization projects in both blast furnace and converter areas.

Both parties are confident that this modernization project will determine the success of the next campaign of the largest blast furnace at the Ouro Branco site.

Gerdau selects Danieli Corus for blast furnace modernization