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2024, 25th June

Emirates Steel Arkan going greener with Danieli

Carbon reduction project for electrical process gas heater serving DRI plant

The quality, green steelmaking operation at Emirates Steel Arkan, in Abu Dhabi will be even greener.

This is the vision of Emirates Steel Arkan, which operates two low-emission minimills for quality long products –heavy sections, bars and wirerod– supplied by Danieli, and featuring Energiron DRI technology and Hytemp pneumatic charging for hot DRI up to 600 °C into the EAF.

Emirates Steel Arkan wants to advance further toward carbon footprint reduction and is studying the possibility to install an e-PGH (electrical Process Gas Heater) at the DRI plant, also making use of renewable energy.

A memorandum of understanding was signed recently by Saeed Alghafri, CEO of Emirates Steel Arkan, and Rolando Paolone, CEO and CTO of Danieli, during the Fifth Danieli Innovaction Meeting that took place at Danieli headquarters in Italy.

Saeed Alghafri, CEO of Emirates Steel Arkan, said:

“This partnership marks a significant step forward in our commitment to innovation and technological excellence. The MoU outlines a collaborative project to test a pilot electrical process gas heater at our Direct Reduction Plant #1. This groundbreaking technology aims to enhance efficiency and sustainability in our production processes, aligning with our mission to deliver high-quality steel products to our global customers. We are excited about the potential of this project to set new standards in the steel industry and contribute to the UAE's vision of becoming a leading hub for the industrial sector.”

Emirates Steel Arkan going greener with Danieli