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2024, 3rd June

Danieli Innovaction Meeting: more plant visits

USA: CMC Steel and Nucor Steel Brandenburg receive steelmakers attending DIM 2024

More from plant visits attended by steelmakers participating in the Fifth Danieli Innovaction Meeting.

In the USA, CMC Steel and Nucor Steel Brandenburg opened the doors of their innovative plants for the production of straight and spooled rebar in endless casting-rolling mode, and wide, straight and coiled added-value plates. The tour started in Brandenburg, Kentucky, to continue in Durant, Oklahoma.

Nucor Steel Brandenburg

The newest Nucor greenfield facility –implemented in a strategic location along the Ohio River in Brandenburg, Kentucky, the core of America’s largest plate consuming region– is the most modern plate mill in the world, and the latest installation of the Danieli MultiPlate® concept that enables flexible production.

Just one facility for producing 1.2 Mshtpy, wide, heavy plates and light discrete or coiled plates with yield strengths up to 1800 MPa.

Supported by advanced automation and featuring two heavy-duty stands, Nucor Steel Brandenburg installation is the new benchmark in plate production, with in-line quenching and multipurpose leveler to cover the widest product portfolio for construction, energy, oil & gas, mining, earth moving and defense industries.

The plant processes ingots and slabs, performs straight or cross-rolling, and can roll in flat as well as Steckel mode.

A true thermo-mechanical control process enables production of advanced steel grades. Danieli Exstream II cooling system reduces the alloying element requirements, ensuring the prime metallurgical properties.

An Evo 6 hot leveler designed for two different types of cassettes, and a plate finishing and shearing line for the handling and cutting of 250-ft mother plates, complete the mill.

Danieli MultiPlate represents a truly green solution, slashing energy consumption by 10% and water consumption by 5% when compared to a traditional plate mill.

CMC Steel Oklahoma

With a first of four MIDA QLP-DUE® minimills ordered from Danieli, which started endless casting-rolling production in 2009 in Arizona, CMC Steel is pioneer in energy-saving, endless casting-rolling.

The minimill plant visited was the one in Durant, where 350,000 tpy of quality straight and spooled rebar in medium-carbon steel are produced.

The electric steel meltshop incorporates an EAF with ECS endless scrap charge system, plus a refining station feeding a single-strand Octocaster delivering octagon-shaped billets at 8 m/min.

Q-Heat heater homogenizes billet temperature at the beginning of casting sequences, at mill entrance –there is no reheating furnace.

The roughing mill is made up of eight ESS cantilever stands, followed by eight housingless stands

and a four-pass Delta-type fast-finishing block.

Quality finishing products are obtained through a QTB quenching and tempering line for straight rebar, and DSC and DSQ structure control and soft quenching systems for spooled bars in coils.

Max. finishing speeds are 17 m/sec for straight bars onto a cooling bed featuring DRB direct bundling technology, and 30 m/sec for twist-free spooled bars in coils.

Stay tuned to learn more about the Fifth Danieli Innovaction Meeting 2024.

Danieli Innovaction Meeting: more plant visits