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2024, 19th February

Conticaster cooling chamber revamping executed in only 25 days

A Danieli Service fast-track execution at Železiarne Podbrezová made possible through close cooperation

Customers are selecting Danieli Service and challenging us on quick execution for long-lasting beneficial projects. A good example of this is the recent revamping project on the billet caster at Železiarne Podbrezová plant, in Slovakia.

The purpose of the Železiarne Podbrezová project was to extend plant lifetime, and this was achieved by entirely replacing the structure of the existing carbon steel cooling chamber with a new stainless steel one.

From the stoppage of the plant to the first heat took less than four weeks, including the complete disassembly, repair of civil foundations, new stainless steel structure alignment by laser tracker, and complete reconstruction of piping inside the cooling chamber.

This was possible thanks to the excellent cooperation of the engineering teams, starting from site surveys to precisely measure the existing casting curve condition, assembly and commissioning.

All these steps were completed in record time, including the manufacturing of 60 tons of stainless steel components carried out in Danieli workshops in Italy.

“Thanks to the successful completion of this challenging project, our conticaster is renewed in a way that will secure long service life for production of quality products”, said Eng. Martin Domovec, Technical Director and Member of the BoD.

With 175 years of experience, Slovakian Železiarne Podbrezová is an internationally recognized producer of rolled and precision drawn seamless tubes and pipes for different final applications, including the automobile industry and the energy sector.

Conticaster cooling chamber revamping executed in only 25 days