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2017, 29th September

New HiProfile successful start-up at Tokyo Steel, Japan

Danieli Automation special instrument for a long-time customer

After the positive Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) held at Danieli Automation's Headquarters last April, a new 8 laser head - HiPROFILE PR88300 gauge was installed and commissioned at Tokyo Steel plant, Utsunomiya Works, Japan.
HiPROFILE is a well-tested technology for the complete in-line dimensional control as well for surface defect inspection of the product, designed for long products rolling mills.
The system installed in Utsonomiya to control Beams, Checkered Beams and Channels up to 606 mm implements all the new features introduced in HiPROFILE family in the last two years: very high speed laser heads capable to acquire several hundreds of profile per second that allow for a real-time 3D reconstruction of the bars while they are rolled, high accuracy dimensional control, integrated surface defect detection and last but not least a reduced footprint for a lower installation impact.
HiPROFILE PR88300 is the first equipment in its category to be introduced in Japan Steel market. After this positive feedback, it's easily foreseeable a prompt market expansion for this kind of equipment.
More than 130 HiPROFILE gauges installed worldwide confirm steel producers’ trust in Danieli Automation equipments and the consistency of the advantages that this technology brings to the customers.

New HiProfile successful start-up at Tokyo Steel, Japan